Ismet Jonuzi

My work represents the wounded soul of my homeland.

I use the very same weapons from the war in Kosovo to make my sculptures. I discovered them in factory where they were collected to be destroyed. These weapons have been made useless, and in a way, I have given them new life. What better way to openly demonstrate the war is over."

(...) Weapons, for me, are the most powerful material. They are the only objects which speak concretely about the war and the violence."

(...) Machine-guns, Kalashnikovs and knives that are made to take lives and destroy them . Through the shape, line and volume I have tried to express the drama that we have experienced as a community in this part of the Balkans.

(...) Weapons are fear, war, power and death. For a long time I had them in my studio before I could do anything. (...) That is when I started to make my sculptures. An even though they are sculptures to the viewer, they still remain weapons to me."

"wiadectwo" 2015

Personal Exhibition 2013, Old real guns from the war

Meditation 2010, Old real guns from the war

Lugina 2010, Ink on paper and acrylic

Helicopter 2005, Ink on paper and acrylic

"The end of war" 2004, Ink on paper

"Helmet" 2004, Old real guns from the war

"Helicopter" 2002, Old real guns from the war