Magorzata Wicaw-Szafraska

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. When sculpting, painting or drawing I am looking for inspiration in nature, in its richness of forms, processes taking place in it and abundance of color. Nature, which amazes us constantly and lets you ask questions and discover new areas. Topics of my art projects are the most common situations, images, gestures that I experience every day. Only, I move them into a different reality, giving them a new meaning. In my works I reach for different materials such as stone, wood, metal, paper, ceramics, epoxy resin, and I collate them in different configurations.

"Half Way" 2013, wood, resin

"Touch of the Past" 2015, wood

"Blue" 2013, oil

"No Title"

"No Title"

"In the background" 2013, oil

"Swing" 2013, oil

"The man in the red" 2014, mixed technique

"Rhythms in Space" 2014

"No Title" 2012, bronze

"He and Her" 2012, ceramics