About Foundation

The main goal of the RAMUS ARTIS Foundation is to bring to life and promote artistic events on the basis of national and international contacts.

Through the organization of various meetings and cultural events, the Foundation's activities inspire children, teenagers, and adults to use their own creativity. The Foundation organizes open air workshops, symposia, and lectures, which provide the participants with a possibility to discover the joy of creating.

The RAMUS ARTIS Foundation engages in a wide variety of educational activities related to the popularization and the promotion of the protection of cultural property and heritage. The Foundation cooperates in creating an aesthetic environment and is committed to protecting the natural beauty of nature, carrying out its own projects in the field of culture, and supporting artistic, educational and architectural activities. The results of the collaboration between the RAMUS ARTIS Foundation and art communities are innovative projects and cyclical events like the annual International Open-Air Sculpture Workshop Zielonka Forest. The Foundation's activities also have a social dimension: they underline and emphasize the fact that the local space (both urban and rural areas) is friendly for creative projects and grassroots initiatives.