News - Exhibition of paintings at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan - 4-15 december 2015

Naila Ibupoto

She is achieving dynamic compositions by using the elements of reality- by mixing its various aspects she is creating her own perspective, which is located between realism and near geometrical abstraction composition.

She is exploring the range of greys tinged with blue with touch of warm colors, mainly lemon yellow.

Julia Idasiak

She is creating very intimate and stirring paintings.

She is not running away from surrounding reality but trough combining light and shadow as well as avoiding unnecessary detail, aiming for kind of synthesis, she is making it nostaligic and hidden behind the mist of understatement.

Marta Wgiel

In her paintings she is focusing on fragments of the surrounding world, it's not hyperrealism but realism of mood, full of nostalgy and memories.

Wgiel, by using colors nearing black and greys, mixed with shades of navy blue, builds the atmosphere of pensivness and reflection.

Dariusz Pietrzak