News - RAMUA ARTIS Festival - Home, Kamisko - September 2017

The exhibition of the 10th International Sculpture Symposium Zielonka Forest "Home" - RAMUS ARTIS Festival opened on 12th September 2017. The symposium took place from 3rd to 13th September at the Novel House in Kamisko, Poland. A range of events including workshops, discussions, tours and concerts accompanied the symposium. The sculptures created during the symposium were exhibited among old trees in the park surrounding the Novel House. Participants of the symposium included: Juan Carlos lvarez Flores (Chile), Marcelo Diaz Garcia (Spain), Hans Reijnders (The Netherlands), Daniel Alvarado Len (Colombia), Pter Alpr (Romania), Marija Raji (Serbia), Marko Crnobrnja (Serbia), Susheila Jamienson (Scotland), Hnkar Yilmaz (Turkey) and two artists from Poland: Dawid Szafraski and Grayna Szymaa-Woyska, who is the initiator of the symposium.