News - Almost Touching, University of Life Sciences in Poznan May/June 2017

Almost Touching, Grayna Szymaa-Woyskas solo exhibition brought together sculptures and photographs of artists works. The title of the show is related to the title of the sculpture Grayna made during the 9th International Sculpture Symposium Zielonka Forest 2015 "Touch of the Past." "The choice of materials Grayna Szymaa-Woyska uses for her works is very important to her practice. So far she has been using a range of precious materials. One of which is wood from which she shapes by transposing simple drawings, sort of designed graphic signs," said Dawid Szafraski, the curator of the exhibition.

The show took place at the Faculty of Forestry of Pozna University of Life Sciences as part of RAMUS ARTIS Fesitval in May and June 2017. RAMUS ARTIS Foundation would like to thank University of Arts in Pozna for its patronage of the event.